Engage 2024. Thanks Theo. Wellcome Kris & Tom  

By Javier Sánchez Oliva | 4/30/24 2:13 AM | Business - Events / People | Added by Oliver Busse

One more Engage. And this year had been a really special one. The great Theo Heselmans leave the Engage board. This was his last engage as organicer, celebrated on the beauty “Handelsbeurs” building with the usual quality of the Engage brand.

Obtain JSON Data from Domino 12 with DQL (an easy way)   

By Javier Sánchez Oliva | 2/22/22 10:12 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

With Domino 12, we have a new class available “(Notes)QueryResultsProcess“ with helps in the mix of differents results comes from diferent sources (not only DQL) even several NSFs! sending to the user as JSON or as a “special view” if we are in HCL Domino 12.0.1.

HCL Domino Volt: Agile Web Application Development in Domino  

By Javier Sánchez Oliva | 5/13/20 11:29 AM | Development - Notes / Domino | Added by Oliver Busse

New kid on the block in the catalogue of HCL Digital Solutions. The arrival of HCL Domino Volt bring us the possibility of creating application based on configuration and visual design and less code-oriented. Called “low code”, this kind of development comes closer to “functional” construction in counterpoint to “technical” construction. Obviously, there is less control over the final result of the application to be developed, although the speed of development is greatly accelerated.