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WebGate Mail Signature Manager allows to enforce CI compliant Mail Signatures throughout your organization by centrally managed mail signature schemes. You may define as many mail signature schemes as you need, e.g. per organizational unit and language. Mail users are associated with a mail scheme, the corresponding mail signature with the user specific content is generated and pushed into the user's mail file.

  • A mail signature consists of sender address and footer
  • The sender address has a formatted scheme filled with the users data from the address book
  • The footer consists of lines of text for disclaimer or marketing messages. The footer has a start and an end for its publication.
  • In both the sender address and the footer you may use pictures.

Some information about the mechanics

Synchronisation with NAB: A background agent imports all mail users and creates a mail signature document per user with a default mail signature scheme. Updates of the person document are passed to the the signature. When a person leaves the organization or changes the name, the mail signature is deactivated.

Mail signature management processes:

  • Assign the mail signature documents to mail signature schemes..
  • Update the mail signature documents according to the associated scheme.
  • Push signature to mail file: The individual mail signatures are copied into the signature field of the mail user profiles.
  • Optionally the design of the profile document is changed so that the signature field is hidden and not editable. If you deactivate the mail signature in the Signature Manager, the user may edit his own signature again after the next push.

These central processes are executed either by background agents or manually triggered in the Signature Manager portal. Here the central signature managers can act on selected or individual persons, the action always being executed on behalf of the server. This means: Not the signature managers but the server needs write access to the individual mail files.

The central processes (Sync from NAB, calculation of the active mail signatures, pushing to the mail files) are executed daily by background agents.

All agent or manually triggered processes are logged.


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